As the recipient of the "Youth Muralist Award of 2004" from Precita Eyes Muralist Association, Gayle Manfre is well known for her murals throughout the school district. She encourages student involvement from conception of design to execution in paint, ensuring that every student receive an opportunity to make his or her contribution. Gayle provides basic painting and drawing skills, instilling confidence while allowing them the freedom to develop their own style.

Gayle also teaches art and art appreciation through "Artist of the Day". She incorporates past artists from around the world as a means to teach genres in art, techniques, historical events, and the importance of cultural diversity. For example, Frida Kahlo would expose students to the cultural and historical impact of the Mexican Revolution. Kahlo's portraiture would also exhibit the unique ways in which symbolism, realism, and surrealism are employed.

This is a mural at El Verano School that is positioned between two classrooms.

I took many hands to create this mural.

Everyone is proud of their work.

This mural is indoors and I don't know where it is.

This is part of another mural at Flowery School that if in the entry way of the school.

Everyone got a chance to paint.

The finished entry way mural.

This mural is in the pass-through between 1st St. East and 2nd St. East at the Sonoma Valley Inn.

The proud crew represents several Sonoma Valley Schools.